How To Spot An Online Diploma Mill

Thus, the support for a certain funding regime depends on the tax prices of public education associated with each type of funding. Districts with above average income favor local relative to state funding as the tax price of providing the same level of education quality is lower under the former regime. In general, districts with above average income prefer the centralized regime. However, an “ends against the middle” equilibrium can arise in which the very poor districts prefer a lower tax than that under the centralized system and thus support the local regime, together with the rich communities. The percentage of expenditure for formal education in the GDP in Slovenia is relatively high; in 2006 it was 5.83% of GDP, and the total expenditure for educational institutions was 6.17% of GDP. In 2006, the highest percentage of all funds (54%) was budgeted for compulsory and preschool education, 25% for upper secondary education, and 22% for higher education.

Writing about geography educators, Gober worries that if they rely too much on distance-learning techniques, the discipline would “risk losing our collective soul in the rush to convenience, cost-effectiveness, and accountability” (pg. 130). Instructors worry about putting their course materials online because once there, the knowledge and course design skill in that material is out of their possession. This puts the administration in a position to hire less skilled, and cheaper, workers to deliver the technologically prepackaged course . Instructors are not always convinced that administration is behind distance learning. The rewards are not always there for the good distance-learning instructor. Tenure and promotion usually does not recognize excellent off campus teaching which, in fact, takes valuable time from research agendas” (Sherritt, 1996, pg. 4).

The consequences of not performing are very intense and can be severe and could even take the form of ridicule or even worse. It is also worth noting that Division III Academic Eligibility is slightly different than that of Division I or Division II. There are no athletic scholarships available at the Division III level, and athletic budgets are significantly lower. Thus, the standards for Division III eligibility are not as extensive. As long as a student athlete meets the admission requirements for their desired university, they are eligible to compete for a position on the team in their sport. D2 schools typically offer their students a good balance between competitive sporting events, community engagement, and academics. Approximately 62 percent of students at D2 schools receive some type of academic, athletic or need-based financial aid.


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